Coffee Time

Last Friday Fernanda, Sina, Celina and me had our second each one teach one meeting. We have chosen a tiny little coffee close to the Lapinkaari housing for this. It’s a secret hint for all who like a cozy coffee atmosphere. Really you should go there.

After ordering our Coffees, Brownies, Rocky Roads and Chai Lattes we started our lesson. This time on the program: Numbers and Days of the week. During that we made amazing discoveries: First of all – Germans and Durch people are the only ones who start saying two-digit numbers with the second number. To make it a little bit better understandable for all who are not German: the 68 we start with saying first the 8 and then the 60 = “achtundsechzig”. Most of the languages, so in Spanish, do it the other way around = “sesenta y ocho”. The second discovery was that you can basically all the Spanish weekdays lead back to planets, for example “Martes – Tuesday- mars” or “Miércoles-Wednesday-Mercury”.


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