Second each one teach one meeting at Café Europa

Last Friday Melissa, Marta and me had our second each one teach one meeting. Our meeting took place in the cozy café Europa. After ordering some delicious drinks and having some small talk we started with our session. Marta prepared a very nice Power Point Presentation about introducing myself and the numbers. So now I’m able to say for instance “Il mio nome è Anna” and I can count to hundred, more or less. Sometime I mix up some spanish words with italian words. I also learned how to conjugate “having” and “being”. After Melissa and Marta teached me italian I started to teach all these things in german. Marta already knows all the introducing stuff and numbers but for Melissa it was completely new. At this point I noticed  how difficult it is to learn the German numbers. That is the reason why I prepared a paper which explain the german numbers.

I’m really looking forward to learn more italian. So see you next time 🙂


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