Third meeting at the Café New York

On tuesday afternoon Melissa, Marta and I started our third meeting in New York cafè. The goal for this day was to finish the german numbers and to learn something about the different tenses of both languages. But at first, I really must praise the two italian girls for learning the numbers so quickly. German numbers are quite difficult. Afterwards we started to learn days and months. Unfortunately, the italian weekdays can not be deduced from the english (e.g tuesday – martedì). But it is not the same with the months because they sound really similar to the english months (e.g february – febbraio).  After this vocabulary stuff we switched to something really difficult – the different tenses.  There are a lot of different tenses in italian but I think I don’t learn them so quickly. But in german it is exactly the same. Before teaching Marta and Melissa the german tenses I must look them up for myself because as a native spekaer you don’t really have to think about what time you use.

I’, really happy that I met this two really nice italian girls and that they teach me so good. Next time we want to go to the suhsi bar and I really looking forward to it and of course to see my italian girls 🙂

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