Chinese History and Mythology

The second meeting, we meet at the school library. And this time I am planning to teach Johanna some basic history and mythology, so she can know the background of China.

China is one of the 4 ancient civilizations. The other 3 is Ancient India, Ancient Egypt, and Ancient Babylon. And in the human history, there are also many myths in the world.

For example: Celtic mythology, Sumerian mythology, and Greece mythology. Norron—Nordic Myth is also quiet famous. And we also have long and interesting mythology in our history.

I first told some people effect Chinese history a lot: Three Kings and Five Leaders.

After that we discussed about dragon. Because dragon is famous in the world, but the dragon in China is different than in other western countries. So we started to discuss about this. I told the meaning of the dragons, and I also showed to Johanna one book which has many different types of monsters in the myth.

In the middle, I explained a small part of Yin and Yang which is famous around the world. Depending on this, I also explained how we compared the body and everything with elements.

I also explained about the ancient astronomy. This is actually quiet hard to explain to her, because the different meanings and stars and ancient words. I mainly taught about the animals of the directions and what its shape. I explained Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Black Tortoise, and also one bird which is similar with phoenix, but a bit different. Its quiet hard to say what’s the difference between this bird and phoenix, but I think I managed.

In the end, I explained to her that Yin and Yang are not single and cannot be separated. They are always changing to each other. It’s the basic idea of balance.

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