Meeting número tres

Last week Monica suggested to meet up at the Living Room. This cafe has a nice atmosphere and on various occasions they have a gathering of people who are either born Spanish speakers or people that want to practice their linguistic skills. It was a nice atmosphere and next to us three (Monica, Juan Carlos and me) there were several other people, of which most, could speak Spanish very well. Monica’s Spanish is also of a higher level then mine is and therefore it was sometimes a bit hard for me. Nevertheless, it was a good practice since I learned a lot and I needed to speak Spanish. This helped me to think of what I was saying and when I couldn’t find the right word or when I said something wrong, they could help me out.

Overall it was a very nice session and most certainly a recommendation to other people that try to learn Spanish. It gets you out of your comfort zone, right in to practising this language. I’m looking forward to the next meetings with Monica and Juan Carlos when we will be doing something culinary.

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