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Tea time! – Italian and German girls´diary pt.2

With this cold and snowy weather, the best thing is an hot Tea at Cafe Europa! Here took place our second meeting of “Each One Teach One”.

Marta and I started to teach Anna some Italian useful words and numbers with a power point on the computer. Anna seems very interesting in learning Italian and she learns in very short time! Thanks to this course i realized that Italian language is very difficult to learn but also to teach and Marta and I hope to be a good teachers for Anna!

Today is also my first official lesson of German language and i am very determined in learn German because i think that is a very difficult but useful language. Thanks to Anna (I am not so good in pronunciation but, anyway Anna is very nice and patient with me =D) now i know a lot of new German words like “Hallo, Ich bin Melissa. Wie heiBt du?”, “Guten Morgen/ Guten Abend/ Gute Nacht/ Danke/Bitte”, “Ich bin 21 jahre alt, Wie alt bist du?”,  the verb TO BE and TO HAVE and numbers from 1 to 10.

I don´t see the time of next meeting. See you soon Girls!

Second each one teach one meeting at Café Europa

Last Friday Melissa, Marta and me had our second each one teach one meeting. Our meeting took place in the cozy café Europa. After ordering some delicious drinks and having some small talk we started with our session. Marta prepared a very nice Power Point Presentation about introducing myself and the numbers. So now I’m able to say for instance “Il mio nome è Anna” and I can count to hundred, more or less. Sometime I mix up some spanish words with italian words. I also learned how to conjugate “having” and “being”. After Melissa and Marta teached me italian I started to teach all these things in german. Marta already knows all the introducing stuff and numbers but for Melissa it was completely new. At this point I noticed  how difficult it is to learn the German numbers. That is the reason why I prepared a paper which explain the german numbers.

I’m really looking forward to learn more italian. So see you next time 🙂


Coffee Time

Last Friday Fernanda, Sina, Celina and me had our second each one teach one meeting. We have chosen a tiny little coffee close to the Lapinkaari housing for this. It’s a secret hint for all who like a cozy coffee atmosphere. Really you should go there.

After ordering our Coffees, Brownies, Rocky Roads and Chai Lattes we started our lesson. This time on the program: Numbers and Days of the week. During that we made amazing discoveries: First of all – Germans and Durch people are the only ones who start saying two-digit numbers with the second number. To make it a little bit better understandable for all who are not German: the 68 we start with saying first the 8 and then the 60 = “achtundsechzig”. Most of the languages, so in Spanish, do it the other way around = “sesenta y ocho”. The second discovery was that you can basically all the Spanish weekdays lead back to planets, for example “Martes – Tuesday- mars” or “Miércoles-Wednesday-Mercury”.


Second each one teach one meeting

Maria and I are ambitious and we want to improve our languages skills fast. So we decided to meet one more time in the Toas city building. There we have good conditions to study focused.

In this class, we did some serious grammar and vocabulary training. In the first half, it was Marias turn. I challenged and tested her with what we have done the last time. She improved a lot and she was almost able to introduce herself alone. Even the spelling was really good.

After that little test, I taught her the numbers. Actually, she was already able to count until ten. So from my point of view I have to challenge her more because Maria is improving really fast and I think it is not so hard for her at the moment.

In the other half, I had to show my Spanish skills. We went again throw my mistakes from the previous lesson. After that I had to explain her my Trip to Helsinki in Spanish. That was really hard for me and I was able to learn a lot of new vocabulary.

We also repeated for me the number until 100 and the we did some Spanish grammar. She thought me the irregular verbs and the declination of them. I also got a short overview about the past. This part was extremely challenging for me. So after this class I have to study the past tense.

I am really looking forward to our next class when I can again challenge my Spanish skills.




Third one

Our third meeting was at the main campus, inside the restaurant (Campus Ravita). We met 4pm Friday afternoon. For me it was just normal, because I do projects for the Proakatemia during weekends also.

First we ate and discussed about last week.  I can see that that more than one week break is not good, because there is too much things to tell and it takes so loooong time before we can move to real learning.

After our last meeting Emmi did Quizlet about our lessons. This time she showed me how to use it ;). Quizlet is an app where we can test yourself and listen pronunciations.


Emmi had done some plans AGAIN for our lecture (she is our angel). Her idea for third meeting was to study weekdays, question words, werbs and We studied weekdays and personal pronouns. We were quite fast and we had time, so at the end we created some question sentences.

See you next time.


Waffle café

For the fourth meeting we met in a really cute and delicious waffle café in the city centre. We first had coffee and ate waffles and afterwards taught each other our languages. We repeated the phrases and words we already learned so far and I have to admit that it is really hard to remember these words, since I have to learn them by heart and cannot connect/relate them to English or German words. Then, we taught each other new phrases – Henna wanted to learn IMG_5555clothes and I got to know how to further talk about myself (what my hobbies are, what I like to do, what I study etc.). For next time we would like to talk about our culture and conventions.


A cozy afternoon with the EOTO girls :)

A few days earlier we had our second EOTO meeting in the a very cozy café in Lapinkaari which named Lapinniemen Ansari. I drunk a very delicious hot chocolate and ate an apple muffin. Let’s talk about the meeting and not about food.

First we have a bit of small talk about different things. After this we taught each other the numbers and we, the German girls, realized how difficult it is to learn the German numbers. I think in most countries you read the numbers like the English way, but in Germany you read the last number first. This is a little bit confusing but Fernanda did a great job 🙂 In contrast, it was not so easy for me to learn the Spanish numbers, because of the pronunciation.Later we talked about the weekdays and which days are special. For example, in Mexico is the whole sunday a family day. In Germany, it is similar but not so strict.Besides Fernanda told us something about her family name and how you get this. It is normal, that you have in Mexico two surnames.

Our next meeting is in two weeks and then we want to cook German or Mexican food. I’m looking forward to it


Second spanish teaching meeting.

In my hometown, I have not many chances to know people around the world, ¡i have not even left my home country in my life before coming to Finland! So, I really like the chance that I have to help people understand other language and all the culture that it becomes.

In the last meeting, we had chance to keep practicing the speaking part of the course, as I could be noticed, it is an excellent idea for those who want to practice their skills listen to a conversation between two people in a different language, in this way, we have the chance to talk slowly, repeat some words that somebody does not know and also, take the opportunity to talk about alcohol and holidays in the three countries.

On the other hand, if we’re talking in English, suddenly y ask for the members to repeat what they just said, but in Spanish, so that we can have a feedback. If there’s some word, verb or anything that is missing in the conversation, I help them to put it in the correct order. This time we learned about some holidays and alcohol facts in Tampere and in the Netherlands.

At the same time, I keep practicing my English skills to communicate with other people.

First lesson

So, Maria and I made our first Each One Teach One meeting and it made so much fun.

First of all, Maria is going to teach me Spanish in exchange I am going to teach her German. I am already able to speak Spanish a bit and I really would like to improve it.

In our pre-session, we already planned our meetings and prepared some stuff for the upcoming lessons.

We made our first meeting in the residence because we are staying at the same place. I prepared a short presentation for her that she can go throw by her own and is able to study the German introduction. She was really good we also started with the German numbers. Unfortunately, I have to say that the presentation was a bit to funny and therefore Maria was not to focused. The next time I will just use paper pencil that she is more focused.

After that we switched and Maria prepared for me a small test because she wanted to know how good I am in Spanish. The test was challenging but I think she got a pretty good view about my knowledge. After that we repeated some vocabulary and went over my mistakes. For me it was really hard and I found out the I lost a lot of my vocabulary but I was impressed how fast I was able to remember the vocabulary again.

I am really looking forward to the next lesson.


Fear and Loathing in Hakametsä

For our second FIN/JAP meeting, Aoi, Hannele and I had agreed to dive into Finnish sports culture and go watch a hockey game. Although I’ve watched some hockey from TV and internet streams over the course of my life, watching hockey live in the arena itself was probably as new to me as it was to Aoi. I honestly didn’t know what to expect and how much the experience would differ from all those games I’ve watched from the comfort of my home couch.

The local rivals, Tappara and Ilves, happened to have a game on the day that fit our calendars the best. This meant a sold-out arena and loads of people, some of which are very passionate about this rivalry. What makes it all the more interesting is that these two teams share the same arena, the only good rink Tampere has, as their home ice. This time, Tappara was the nominal “Home” team, and the announcer took the most out of that: “Welcome, Ilves, to our home“. As we were standing in the Ilves end of the rink, we got to see how well that joke sunk to some of the more passionate Ilves supporters.

The atmosphere when compared to TV hockey was very different. The puck impact sounds were much heavier (as in much more painful to listen to when someone caught a slapshot right to the shin), and the audience made up most of the soundscape. Tappara’s fan group had a really good battle drum beat going, and the couple fanatic members of each club brought an element of comedy to the experience with their constant shouts and remarks. Between the periods and during commercial breaks, all kinds of weird competitions and events took place. Sadly, I was nowhere near to where the Pancho Villa gift cards were cannoned into.

We had a pretty good view.
Other than that, we had a pretty good view.

Every now and then between all the cheering, announcements and commercials, there was enough silence to have quick conversations. I was surprised to hear that in Japan, sumo is actually a really popular sport (the most popular ones being baseball and football) and not just a marginal sport that looks funny to foreigners (in my mind, I had always compared it to what the eukonkanto championships are to us Finns). I explained to Aoi that when it comes to spectatorship numbers, hockey is by far the most popular sport here, but due to its expensive nature, football and floorball have more registered players. Another suprise to me was that Aoi had never heard of or seen floorball, despite having been in Finland for so long. “Hockey without ice and the constant fear of death”, I explained.

On the bus ride back, we all got to experience a very Japanese way of commuting. As it turns out, public transportation after a Tappara-Ilves game is a nightmare. In these rare occasions of utter desperation, you can see Finns getting really close to each other just to fit the maximum amount of people to a TKL bus. After a tight game that turned into a Tappara’s overtime victory, over seven thousand people crawled back into their caves to await the next time these two teams battle over the titular ownership of Hakametsä.