Wife-carrying and sayings…

It has been about 2 weeks and 2 meetings since my last update.

Our third meeting took place Thursday 23.2. in a very mysterious place inside F-wing of TAMK main campus. Claudia tought Heta and me subject pronouns (I, you, he/she…) in “I am” and “I have” sentences. Now we only have to learn vocabulary to say what we are/have.

After learning some German grammar we went ahead and started discussing about Finnish ways to spend freetime. Seeing this is basically more or less same in every country we focused also on the weird competitions made in Finland. The “normal” ways to spend your time included lavatanssit (pairdancing on a platform), ofcourse karaoke and avantouinti (ice swimming). The peculiar stuff happening in Finland consisted of competitions like Eukonkanto (wife-carrying), Paskanluonti (filling wheelbarrow with horse shit and moving through obstacle course) and Saappaanheitto (rainboot throwing) etc.

Fourth meeting took place in Y-campus today (10.3.) and we went through Finnish and German/Austrian sayings (to rain cats and dogs etc.) while eating some salmiakki aka salty liquorice. It’s really interesting to hear what phrases people use in different countries to describe something. But I´m going to save myself the trouble of writing them all, translating and trying to explain the meanings. I leave it for you to think about the straight translations of your sayings and ask around others to compare them.

Until next time! Tschüss!

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