Meeting number 3 – Finnish Delicacies

This week our meeting took place in my place in Hatanpää. I just moved in to a new apartment with my boyfriend and I thought it would be nice to show the place to Michelle. We live in a two-room flat with a sauna and a south-facing balcony. The apartment is filled with light coming from big windows.

Our theme for the third meeting was Finnish food, so I prepared us some finger food to eat as an evening snack. We had fish in three forms: pickled herring, cold smoked salmon and smoked rainbow trout. The fish was served with dark bread called saaristolaisleipä and butter of course. We also had some mustamakkara (blood sausage) and lingonberry jam which is traditional especially in Tampere region. The meal wouldn’t be complete without Karjalan piirakka (Karelian pastry) and butter with egg. The cherry on the top was leipäjuusto (bread cheese) with cloudberry jam. Some people call Leipäjuusto squeaky cheese because it squeaks in your mouth.


Michelle had just spent the holiday week in Germany celebrating the carnival so she showed me pictures and told me all about the event. To sum it up: carnival is about dressing up, drinking beer with your nearest and dearest and singing songs together. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Till next time!


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