Lunch at TAMK

For our third meeting, me, Sophie and Nuppu decided to have lunch together and to, just chat more about our cultures; and also because the food at TAMK is very cheaper….  you can never beat a 2.60 Eur meal… can you?

We really had a great time talking mostly about the Finnish food, as Nuppu was teaching us the names of the most popular traditional Finnish foods. Even though, me and Sophie found it much harder to pronounce them, it made it more fun and a very interesting learning experience.

As people from different cultures, its always fun and interesting learning more about each other’s cultures and trying to pronounce certain words from whatever language each individual is from. What I have also noticed is that, both Sophie and Nuppu are really getting better at speaking the English language since we started this module. I’m really happy for them and, according to them, they surely are finding this much helpful, fun and beneficial for them, which is really great.

For our next meeting we wanted to do something like an outdoor activity, but that would depend on the weather, seems that no one can ever tell about the weather here in Finland and surely can never  trust the Finnish weather. Can never tell if its winter or spring. A friend of mine said about how “The Finnish sun isn’t really a sun but only there for decoration”….. very funny right?? .. No? .. okay.

Anyways, I think i’m getting carried away a little bit, oops!

Unfortunately we didn’t take any pictures this time, but don’t worry; we surely will do for our next meeting. I’m looking forward to our next meeting and learning more from these two amazing and fun individuals.



2 thoughts on “Lunch at TAMK

  1. Hi Goodwill! Nice to read about your meeting. Please remember that everybody will have to write about each meeting (because everybody has his/her own angle to learning/teaching and therefore might have different experiences/feelings even if the actual content was similar to everybody).

    1. ah thank you for letting me know, because I thought it was a group thing:) I’ll do now that i’m aware of this.

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