Meeting #4

Again we had little time apart, because of the holiday and scheduling issues. We met at Minttu’s place. Minttu has a nespresso machine and she made us some good coffee. We decided to rehearse all the words we already have studied. We also need a lot of practise in English so we talked about training, work and holiday in between Spanish and Finnish.  Last time we started studying new verbs and this time we continued studying them. Here are some verbs we studied.

speak – puhua – hablar

sing – laulaa – cantar

walk – kävellä – caminar

pee – pissata – orinar

eat – syödä – comer

study – opiskella – estudiar

We spoke about the grammatical tenses but they were too hard for us in such a short period. We decided to study the present tenses of the words. At end of the session we scheduled the next meetings.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-13 at 15.59.11

Fresh coffee makes us smile.


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