Chinese traditional Festivals

This time, I taught Johanna about the traditional Chinese festivals. I told the information about the festivals as one-year period. I showed the traditional calendar called lunar calendar. The lunar calendar is based on the moon cycle.

The first festival in the very beginning is the Spring Festival. This is the Chinese New Year. In China, we don’t celebrate the New Year from the Gregorian calendar, but we celebrate the New Year from the lunar calendar. Spring Festival is very important for Chinese people. People usually come back home meet family and stay with family together. Family is also very important for Chinese people. This is similar with the Charismas, which people have fun and celebrate with family. We use red color as the color of New Year, and the play fireworks, and enjoy the delicious foods. We also have many traditional celebrations like: lion dance, and dragon dance.

After the Spring Festival, is the Lantern Festival. I introduced two different types of way to make the traditional foods, and the usual thing people do in this festival.

Qing Ming Festival is another festival which is important for Chinese people. In this festival, people are visiting the grave of their families. People will burn some money for the death, and wish to get protect and good luck form them.

Dragon Boat day is a very traditional festival after Qing Ming festival. In this festival, we will road the dragon boat, have competitions and eat delicious rice-dumplings. This festival is coming from a story that a famous poet wanted to save his country, and he tried to give the suggestions to the king. The king against his suggestions and didn’t pay attention to change the country. He wanted the people realize the problems, so he jumped inside a river. He was so famous and was well received by the people. The people didn’t want him die in the river, so they started to road the boat trying to find him, and throw the rice-dumplings into the river to absorb the fish, so the fish won’t eat his body. This ways finally become to the traditions.

The last festival is the New Year’s Eve. This is the time that people stay with their families and enjoy the food and having funs.

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