First meeting 1/10: Números, días de la semana y preguntas prácticas.


For this first meeting we decided to start at school, so we first meet at library, but later we decided to go somewhere to talk louder, in order to repeat sentences and pronunciations of the language.

We start with Spanish language. From basics, like numbers and days of the week. Yangming was able to pronounce very well, it was understandable.

Numbers in Spanish for Yangming were some sort of familiar, however days of the week was new knowledge.

After reading and pronouncing numbers, we start with the concrete questions, that Daniel prepare before hand. Questions were made, with the intention of using numbers and days of the week. Questions were intented to simulated situations, in which Yangming may face in a future in a Spanish speaking country.

From all questions for practice, we went through half of the questions, because it was time demanding understand questions that have different elements of the language. But in my opinion, learning can go faster and effective if jumping straight to practical use of the language, even without prior knowledge of the language.

For example, today we learnt that in Spanish language when referring things, things have a genre. Either male or female.

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