8/10 at Tullintori

We had our 8th meeting at Tullintori at Brander cafe.
We decided to have a little bit more “playful” meeting and we started to translate childrens books. Diego found a spanish version of ugly duckling (at least I think it was that one…?). Here are some words and sentences that we learned from the book:

El mundo = world

Mas grande = more bigger

(Un cafe pequeno = one small coffee

Un cafe grande = one big coffee)

Mama pata pado de hablar = duck momma stopped speaking

Levantade = stand up!

I think this way of learning helped us remember the basic words we alrady knew, a little bit better. Because laughing to stupid phrases was a good memory tip to use the words we already had learned!

Vieja pata = old duck

Ella se asusto = she got scared

Perdon! Me podriad aydar. Estoy perdida. Por favor. = hello. Im lost. Help please!

We also learned something that you need in everyday life:

Right =oikea= dedeza
Left=vasen = izqierda
In front of = Edessä = enfrente
Behind=Takana = atras
Next to =vieressä= alado


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