How to get fat in one day only: Sushi buffet 10€ all you can eat!

It was a bit that me, Melissa and Anna didn’t meet to each other, especially because of our travels in Lapland, Stockholm and Tallinn. But because it’s good bring ahead the old habits, we arranged a meeting on Friday 24 March 2017 and decided to eat Sushi.

Eating Sushi up to explode is an hobby that we have in common and even if it isn’t a typical German or Italian food it was a good reason to have lunch together. It seemed that we didn’t eat for one month: we took everything edible on a small plate and made two or three rounds to bring more food! Obviously we had breaks of 15 minutes between every round, just to leave our stomach relaxing and getting ready for another binge.

Everything was good and we even tried to eat with the chopsticks: Melissa and Anna were really good but I had some difficulties because normally I eat Sushi with cutlery. But this time I have promised to myself to learn and at the end of the meal I could manage to bring some food from the plate to my mouth without making it falling down. We had fun and great time and that was the occasion to talk about our cultures, especially about the most famous and important holidays of our country and what people normally eat, drink and do in that days.

Because Easter is coming soon we started from there. In Italy what you have to remember is that for every holidays we have some special food to eat and that there is difference from north and south and I would say even from region to region. For sure there are chocolate eggs quite everywhere and especially in the north we are used to eat “Colomba” that means “Dove”, called like this because is a sort of cake shaped like a dove. Melissa’s grandmother that is from Napoli is used to cook “Pastiera Napoletana”, a cake with ricotta cheese and citrus, really typical of south of Italy. In Italy what is common in these days is to spend time with family eating, but Anna told us that in Germany during this days, children do a treasure hunt, trying to find some chocolate eggs, hidden by parents around the house and garden.

Then we come back to Carnival and we found a lot of similarities between Germany and Italy especially because people dress strange and funny customs and go around the streets dancing and pulling confetti and spun. In Italy, we explained to Anna, even for Carnival there are some sweets, that are called in different way around Italy. In my town we call them “Crostoli and Frittelle” but Melissa for example call them “Frappe”.

Finally we went through Christmas and Anna told us that in Germany is really important San Nicholas’ day, that is the 6th of December, more than the Christmas Eve, and in that day children receive presents. I explained to Anna that in the north of Italy that day is also important and that children receive some presents even on that holidays; but of course more famous is Christmas. In Germany really famous and cooked is the goose, filled with vegetables and fruits. I have never tried this food but I really would like to taste and, why not, learn how to cook it. In Italy is really common to cook meat, “Arrosto” of pork and beef is the main dish, normally with potatoes, all cooked in the oven.

We got fat eating Sushi, but even talking about all this delicious food. So now is time to go to the gym and do some sports! Keep in touch and see you soon.IMG_20170326_193041

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