Meeting at the Sushi Restaurant Watami

Some weeks ago we noticed in a meeting  that we all loves Suhsi very much. So that is the reason why we decided to make a meeting in a Sushi Restaurant. So this happened last friday, we went to the Sushi Bar Watami in the city center of Tampere, because we heard that there is all you can eat for lunch. Great!

The plan for the day was not  the language but talking about german and italian official holidays (for instance Easter or Christmas) and what are the traditions and customs of these days. The first difference that we noticed was that the italian people don’t celebrate the St. Nicholas day expect in some northern regions. But instead of that they celebrate the 8th of December- the feast of the Immaculate Conception. In germany it is not typical to celebrate this day. But celebrating Christmas or Easter is nearly the same in both countries. Marta and Melissa told me that one aspect that I should keep in my mind is: There is always one special meal which is prepared on that day. But I think, this is the same in Germany. On christmas day we have the typical “christmas goose”which is typically filled with fruits (e.g. apples) and vegetables. On christmas the italian people for example cook typically Lasagna or Arrosto. Arrosto is a kind of roast which is prepared in the oven. We noticed that this could also be a typical meal for christmas in Germany. It was a bit funny because while talking about typical german and italian food we ate Sushi. But it was really tasty!

So this was our 5th meeting. The next meting is about the body and the related vocabulary. See you next time 🙂

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