Meeting with nuppu

I had a meeting with Nuppu at the university ! The goal of this meeting was to improve my finnish because i will have finnish test and i want ask some questions about my lesson in class to nuppu, some points where i have difficulty ! I practice to present myself  with her “Minä olen Sophie. Olen kotoisin Nizzasta, Ranskasta. Minä pidän tanssista. Minä pidän matkustamisesta.”

And after that, we have tolk about my city because nuppu want go in May at Nice to travel , so I advices her for some hostel and things to do and see at Nice in order to organize her travel ! It’s  really cool that she had plan to go in France after each one teach one. I am very happy if she can discover my city ! Unfortunately she will go when I still in Finland … so i can’t meet her but i will give her some more advices to Enjoy his trip !!


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