Testa, braccio, gamba, … – Learning the body parts in italian

Last Sunday, the 26th of march Melissa, Marta and I met at my place to learn the body parts. First, as usual, the chatting started and we drank tea and talked a lot about our journeys of the last weeks. But than we decided to start teaching. While teaching the vocabulary of the body I noticed that the german vocabulary is quite similar to the englisch. For example: Finger – Finger, Arm – Arm, Hand – Hand, … there was only a difference in the pronunciation. But there are of course some vocabulary which differ from English. These are for instance Head – Kopf and Leg – Bein. Now we come to the body parts in italian. This was difficult because you can’t derive anything from english.

Leg – Bein

Piede – Food

Mano – Hand

Bocca – Mouth

So you can see, there are no similarities between italian and english.  But to make it easier for me, Melissa painted a very beautiful picture for me, which you can see in her blog post. It is really funny – thank you!

So this was a really cozy meeting and I’m really looking forward to the next one. We are going to cook some delicious food 🙂 Bye bye!

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