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Vapriikki museum

Yesterday was a very cool meeting with Nuppu, Goodwill and Nuppu’s boyfriend : Mikko. He join us because i would to see also the vapriikki museum.








At the beginning we plan to do a walk but goodwill was sick and its was windy so we change de plan and Nuppu propose us to go to the Vapriikki museum.

It’s was the first museum for Goodwill !!! I really enjoy to spend time in the museum with Nuppu, Goodwill and Mikko because the museum was very good and interractive and also because we exchange informations and your knowledge about many subjects with each other, particulary Mikko and Nuppu that explain us some facts about Finnish culture.

The museum was divided in many smaller parts about Finnish video games, annimals, history, second world war, posti, forbiden city, hockey….. so many expositions.

First, with begin to see the exposition about the forbidden city at beijing. I was there during my first semester so i talk to Nuppu and Mikko my impression to see this exposition and how 18235750_1953962938166120_2029056550_oit’s there. Then, we went to the Posti exposition and Nuppu explain us that this year its the 100 celebration of the independance for Finland of liberation against Russia, so its for that, that we can see on the stamp “100”. We took also a letter in a postalbox written by some previous customers and its was funny because each letter tolk about something different.

Of course Nuppu and Mikko did the translators. After that we went to the museum of Finnish games, Mikko explain us the most popular Finnish games of Finland. And i learn that clash of clan and angry birds are Finnish. We try also the simulation of 4D and some others games.  18195774_1953641894864891_487617265_oA very interrested museum was also the hockey museum because Mikko like hockey (Nuppu not but she come to please us) Mikko show us the most oldest cross, and explain us the different teams and shields in Finland and also the National one. I was impressed by the oldest Finnish helmets and the goal protection very big. We played hockey simulation, Nuppu impressed me she was very good and always touch the target but for me it’s was a little bit more difficult. And before to leave we look a big panel which all the hockey players and we find Mikko’s uncle that played in the team of helsinki in 90’s. Finally, we went to the museum of Finnish annimals there were a moose “vauhti” in Finnish, and a bear “kantaa” in Finnish. Mikko explained to Goodwill and me what is the more go18236055_1953641904864890_966071810_ood fish in Finland, his name is “Ahven” its a national fish like the Laulujoutsen its the national bird in Finland.

So i promise to him to eat “Ahven” before to live Finland. To Finish the round, we went to the second world war museum Mikko told us that he did army during 13 mounths because it’s mandatory in Finland (I doesn’t know that) and he show us his shield.

I enjoy very much this meeting ! Because make this museum with Goodwill, Nuppu and Mikko was very fun and interractive. And its was very interrested that Finnish people went with them and exchange what they know about their culture its more interresting. Finally, we meet Nuppu’s boyfriend also during this meeting so its was a pleasure to meet him ! 🙂



Tampere is a lovely cityIMG_6746, I can understand this during our five meeting. Interesting architecture, specials place, museums, parks everything in the small city. Of course that in this list I couldn’t put another point of touristic places like cafe, restaurants, and shops. During our walking Leila was teaching me how to say directions in finish, we were talking about the weather and comparing how this sound in Russian, Finish, Ukrainian, Polish and Portuguese languages. Our day we finish in nice café Living room were was talking and trying to read book Russian and finish.


QUESTIONS:                                                                   DIRECTIONS: 

Miten since pääsee?                                                       Oikealla on the right
How do I get there?                                                         Suoraan straight
Onko see kaukana?                                                         Kääntyä vasemmalle to turn left
Is it far?                                                                                 Kadun yli across the street
Onko sinulla karttaa?                                                     Joen varrella by the river
Do you have a map?                                                        Tuolla there. Täällä here     


What’s the weather like today?Millainen sää tänään on?
Such a beautiful day!              Onpa kaunis päivä!
On huono ilma                           It’s a bad weather
Aurinkoinen                                Sunny
On aurinkoista                           It’s sunny
Kylmä                                             Cold
Windy and cloudy                     Tuulinen ja pilvinen
Rain and fog                                 Vesisade ja sumu
Snow and ice                               Lumi ja jää
Warm                                              Lämmin

Linna Library

Magic lives in books, and books in the library. We with Leila like the magic, that’s why our next meeting was held in Yliopisto library in Linna library on the Main campus. I like very much this place. I recommend to those who are very fast become hungry because you can have lunch without leaving the building and continue learning or pleasant conversation. Our conversation started with a repetition of Russian words. This time I presented for Leila questions that, in my opinion, may be useful. We drank the coffee and also learn the vocabulary associated with this topic.

Вопросы Questions
Сказка Fairytale
Как в сказке Like in the fairytale
Без сахара Without sugar
Наливать Pour
Со сливками

Нет, спасибо.



With cream

No, thanks

You are welcome or please



С кем?


Почему? Зачем?

Кому ?




Откуда ты?



Что с тобой случилось?

Ничего! Просто был сложный день.

Что ты ищешь?

Я ищу ….мою собаку

Я люблю проводить время с друзьями.



With who?


Why? For what reason?

For who?

How much?



Where are you from?


For  example:

What happens to you?

Nothing! Only, it was a hard day.

What are you looking for?

I’m looking for my dog

I like to spend my time with friends.


Session 9: Famous Austrian dish

I think our each one teach one blog gets more and more in a food related blog. Today was again a food related topic. Maria and I cooked together a famous Austrian dish called “Schnitzel”. Therefore, we met in the kitchen in TOAS city. We did the grocery shopping the day before so we were well prepared ad good to go.

So, the first part was the Spanish part although we cooked an Austrian dish. I explained the dish, the ingredients and the different steps to Maria in Spanish. Maria helped me to prepare the “Schnitzels”. At first, she had to roll them into flower, the second step was to roll them into eggs and afterward she had to roll them with bread crumbs. After that we fried them in the pan.

Moreover, we decided to play a game during the cooking to recap our vocabulary. We pointed on different thing in the kitchen and the other one had to name it in German or Spanish in my case. From my point of view, it was a bit unfair because I had already a basic knowledge of Spanish vocabulary before we started our Each on Teach one sessions. But I can still proudly say that I won three points ahead of Maria.

In the last lesson, we found out that we have not covered something extremely important for Maria and that were the directions. Therefore, after we finished our afternoon lunch we decided to go for a walk to practise Marias directions skills. We went to the Pyynikin Park. I explained the directions to Maria like a guide and the buildings. When we arrived at the park we switched the roles and Maria had to guide me back home in German. This was extremely fun and I was surprised that she learned the directions so fast. All in all, we had lots of fun and enjoyed our after lunch walk.

#10thMeeting (28.04.2017) Last Meeting

It´s almost may and we meet for our last meeting because one of use will leave Finland soon. We meet in the City centre and we walk across the river through the harbour. It was a sunny day so we fell free to go with sunglasses and an open jacket. We have watched everything and spoke the time in Finland and about our Each one Teach one time. It was very nice and this time we spoke only a few words in the other language. We enjoyed the time and sit on a bench into the sun. At the way back we agreed that we walk back to Lapinkari so we can meet a bit longer. Overall, we spoke about everything what we want to do at the first days in our home country. All the things we missed here for example our friends, food, family this is a thing this is similar from each exchange student. Back in Lapinkari Feng write down some last words on my Finland flag to have a memory from him and after that, we take one´s leave of each other.

We use mostly English but we try to speak also the language we want to learn and we have already learned. The most difficult is for Feng the letter R and the combination from ch and sch. However, you try it very well, you can do it, please look forward, and you can do it. It was a great time with you and I hope that we will see use later in our live somewhere in the world.P1110139

#9thMeeting (25.04.2017) Näsijärvi and game day

We meet today at the lake Näsijärvi. It´s a very unsettled weather but at 14:00 the sun was there and the day was beautiful. We went besides the lake and spoke about the normal life in Germany and China. The interesting thing from a European view is that they life at the WP_20170425_005university. It means the majority live not in apartments at the city, which could mean private. They all live together in apartment houses at the university area. In Europe, there are also houses they are placed next to the university but mostly we need to rent those apartments from a student organization. But the fact that those houses and apartment are cheaper than other apartments is in China and Europe similar. But a point that would be not possible in Europe, is that the students in China chare your room with other students. This means in one room there could be life 6 to 8 students, which is for Feng normal but for me it would be impossible. These and other topics of our normal life we discussed beside the like until the moment where the rain comes. We decided to went in the TOAS building Lapinkari and we drunk a real Chinese green tea that was good.

Besides we drunk the tea we also play some card games for example the German Mau Mau, which is a typical German card game for groups.

“The game is played with a regular deck of playing cards. The players are dealt each a hand of cards (usually 5). The rest are placed face down as the drawing stack. At the beginning of the game the topmost card is revealed, then the players each get a turn to play cards.


One can play a card if it corresponds to the suit or value of the open card. E.g. on a 10 of spades, only other spades can be played or other 10s. If a player is not able to, they draw one card from the stack. If he can play this card, he may do so, otherwise he keeps the drawn card and passes his turn. If the drawing stack is empty, the playing stack (except for the topmost card) is shuffled and turned over to serve as new drawing stack.


However, there are a large quantity of unusual, and confusing rules. One may not speak of the rules, and the rules vary from group to group, and even within groups. A chairman (sometimes called the “Mau Master”) is usually elected before the first round, and generally whoever has won the previous round, is elected the new chairman. The chairman may edit the rules however he or she sees fit, but they still have to follow their own rules.

One wins the game by getting rid of all of their cards. Most of the time, the winner will have to say something (Usually “Mau”) at this point, or they will be given penalty cards, and will have to get rid of those before winning. If their last card is a Jack, they must reply differently (Usually “Mau Mau”).”

#8thMeeting (21.04.2017) German cuisine in Pinja

As a counter draw to the 17.02. Maxi and me decided to coke a typical German dinner. Normally in April every German citizen done his first barbecue. So we booth went to Lidl because this is the place where we get typical German Rostbratwurst (Sausages). Furthermore, we bought all ingredient for a German potato salad. The next step was to find a tasty German beer without alcohol. Therefore, we decided to search in SOKOS and we find it real Erdinger Alkoholfrei.

The preparation of the German potato salad (Saxony kind)

potato Karoffeln Tǔdòu 土豆
Acid cucumber Saure Gurken Huángguā 黄瓜
apple Apfel Píngguǒ 苹果
onion Zwiebel Yángcōng 洋葱
Cremé fresh Cremé fresh    


Place the potatoes (1kg) into a pot, and fill with enough water to cover. Bring to a boil, and cook for about 10 minutes so you can easily pierced with a fork. Drain, and set aside to cool, could be more than 1 hour).

Peel all the potatoes, slide them into slices or cubes and give it into a big bowl.

Slide the onion, ½ apple and the acid cucumber and add it into the bowl. Add the Cremé fresh, vinegar, water of the acid cucumber, sugar, salt and pepper to the bowl. Now the salad needs some time for the taste, so put it into the fridge and after 20min you can eat it.

Beside do the sausages into a pen or a barbecue grill until they look brown and tasty. You can also put some bread on the grill or into the oven to get a great dinner. Feng and JieWP_20170421_004 Guo meet us in Pinja and they watch after our cooking skills. After a couple of minutes, we are sitting next to each other and enjoy the German cuisine and the German beer. As a side dish we had some Sushi from Feng this was also very tasty. So we enjoyed our food and we had a nice conversation this evening. After 1,5 hour we cleaned up and we finished the meeting for today.

#7th Meeting (07.04. 2017) German and Chinese Pancakes

We have meet at 17:00 in front Keskostori and went at first to Lidl because we want to do different kids of pancakes. The German version and the Chinese, which is why we shop at first all the ingredient and we try to learn in Lidl the name of the esculent.

egg Ei Dàn
flour Mehl Miànfěn 面粉
Milk Milch Niúnǎi 牛奶
Salt Salz Yán
spring onion Frühlingszwiebeln Chūntiān yángcōng 春天洋葱


We have bought everything, we went back to my kitchen, and we try to do it well.


Timm´s German Pancake:

Take a bowl and smash 3 eggs in it.

After the eggs, give 200ml too 250ml of milk into the bowl and some salt.

Take the flour, do it into the bowl, and mix it well until you get a viscous duff.

At the same time head up a pan with some oil or butter.

Take the first part of the viscous duff with a trowel and give it into the pan.

Burn the pancake 2-3 min on one side and turn it. The colour is now yellow and brown.

Take the pancake with some sugar, marmalade or applesauce and enjoy.


Feng´s Chinese Pancake:

Take a bowl and smash 1 egg in it.

After the egg, give 200ml of water into the bowl and some salt.

Slice the 3-4 spring onions and give it in the bowl.

Take the flour, do it into the bowl, and mix it well until you get a viscous duff.

At the same time head up a pan with some oil or butter.

Take the first part of the viscous duff with a trowel and give it into the pan.

Burn the pancake 4 min on one side and turn it. The colour is now yellow and brown.

Take the pancake with some chicken, meat and sauce and please enjoy it.


Booth pancakes are very good and tasty and for Feng was it the first sweet Dinner in his live. During the cooking, we have a nice conversation when we eat all this things in our home country. German Children loves the pancakes and sometimes they want eat it the whole day. In china, it is a common meal and they eat it on the Chinese New Year celebration, which is the biggest party in China.

#6thMeeting (23.03.2017) GYM for playing Ping-Pong

After the lunch at 14:00 we meet in front of the TAMK GYM for doing some sports together. We enter the gym and for playing the typical Chinese game ping-pong or table tennis. At first, we played the first round as a normal game. At the break, Feng avowed me the correct handling of the racket. The following part was a game three breaks until 22 points. However, the handling was much better and I think I played a bit better than before nerveless I lost the first tournament, the second was very good and I´ve won this but at the final match I´ve lost high. We changed the sites and we done a replay, but I have lost again but against a man from China, it is not a big shame.

After 1,5 hours at the gym we decided to go in the city. We visit the big Charity shops and we discussed and described the different thing, clothes and stuff in English, German and Chinese.

Jacked Jacke Jiékè 杰克
Shirt T-shirt Chènshān 衬衫
Shoes Schuhe Xiézi 鞋子
Pullover Pullover Lā guòlái 拉过来
trousers Hose Cháng kù 长裤
Glass Glas Bōlí 玻璃
Plate Teller Pánzi 盘子
bag Tasche Dài

#5thMeeting (13.03.2017) Library TAMK

It´s Monday morning and we meet in TAMK library for improve our skills. Like at the other meetings we begun with German. Feng does a great job but some letters are difficult for a Chinese. Bt I need to say that letters like a the R and the combination from sch and ch are difficult for people who don’t steam from a German speaking region. The first 45min we decided with German and the other 45min we spoke in Chinese.

After learning we had have a nice conversation about the normal life in Germany and China that was very interesting. The living standard of your flat the hometown. It’s so difficult to imaging all the big towns and the stricter because we haven´t these towns in Europe. We also show us where we come from and what we do in our hometown. It was out of my imaginativeness in which big town Feng lives. But the other way around for Feng because in my hometown lives 23.000 inhabitants. We ended our meeting with all the places where we want to go in or future and we understood that we want to go in the region and the area where the other lives.