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Hi Everyone,

It’s been a while since our last meeting but we met up again. This time to talk about our stories and what we’ve been up to in the last few days. But this was not the only thing. We decided to look at a typical Mexican song and learn about it and also try to translate it. Juan Carlos chose Mujeres Divinas from Vincente Fernandez. This was a challenge since it was a song with various tenses and some difficult words but Monica and me tried to translate it. The song and translation are as follows:

Hablando de mujeres y traiciones
se fueron consumiendo las botellas
pidieron que cantara mis canciones
y yo canté unas dos en contra de ellas

De pronto que se acerca un caballero
su pelo ya pintaba algunas canas
me dijo le suplico compañero
que no hable en mi presencia de las damas

Le dije que nosotros simplemente
hablamos de lo mal que nos pagaron

que si alquien opinaba diferente
sería porque jamás lo traicionaron

que si alquien opinaba diferente
sería porque jamás lo traicionaron(x2)

Me dijo yo soy uno de los seres
que más a soportado los fracasos
y siempre me dejaron las mujeres
llorando y con el alma hecha pedazos
Mas nunca les reprocho mis heridas
se tiene que sufrir cuando se ama

las horas mas hermosas de mi vida
las he pasado al lado de una dama

pudieramos morir en las cantinas
y nunca lograriamos olvidarlas

mujeres o mujeres tan divinas
no queda otro camino que adorarlas

mujeres o mujeres tan divinas
no queda otro camino que adorarlas


Speaking of women and betrayals
Bottles were consumed
They asked for singing my songs
And I sing one, two against them.
As soon as a gentleman approaches
His hair has been already becoming gray
He told me “ I’m begging you fellow
Do not speak in front of me, of ladies.”
I told him that we just
Talk about the harm that they did to us.
If somebody thought different
It’s because of the fact that they weren’t betrayed.
He told me “I’m one of yours
That I’ve put up the most with the failures
And women have always left me
Crying and with my heart broken into pieces
But, I never reproach them my wounds
You have to suffer when you love.”
The most beautiful hours of my life
I’ve spent beside a lady.
We could die in the wine cellars
But we could never forget them.
Women, o women so divine
There’s not another way than adoring them

Next to that we also learned about this singer, he is 70+ and he is very well known in Mexico and all people go wild when they hear his music (according to Juan Carlos). He always sings about live and what he has been through. In my opinion an interesting singer but not really my genre. Nonetheless it was a great way to learn more about the Mexican culture and music.

Till next time!

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