Session 4: Austrian Culture and dishes and Spanish vocabulary

As for the fourth session, which was “Austrian Culture and dishes and Spanish vocabulary” we meat in our building kitchen to go through kitchen related vocabulary and work with them while I learned some Austrian culture and dishes. This kitchen was really good environment because it had a black board that we could use and helped us to remember the basic words that we were using. Whit the black board, we ended having a vocabulary in English, Spanish and German. So we had writing material, visual material and practical material to help us with the vocabulary.


Before we cooked the Austrian apple pie (Apfelstrudel), Chris made a power point presentation about the most famous dishes in Austria which contained the dish we were about to make. I learned that Austrian food is really diverse and has lots of tradition. While doing the apple pie, Chris had to explain to me the making process and the ingredients in Spanish. He did really well, some of the tenses where not the correct ones but most of the vocabulary was.  The vocabulary that we made helped but I was really surprised of how much has Chris improved in the past few months.


We finished our session eating the Apfelstrudel, which might I add is a really god desert that I have come to really like.

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