Session 4: Austrian Dishes

The Topic of the fourth each one teach one lesson was: “Austrian Culture and dishes and Spanish vocabulary”. Therefore, Maria and I met in Toas City in the kitchen. It was very nice because we had also a black board where we could write important vocabulary and phrases down. Because of the last experiences, we did in the first part some basic German vocabulary. Moreover, we translated all the kitchen ware into German and Spanish. IMG_5410

After that I taught Maria something more about the Austrian Culture. Therefore, I made another small power point presentation with famous Austrian dishes. The second part was my turn. Maria and I cooked together an apple pie, in Austria it is called Apfelstrudel. In Austria, this dessert is extremely famous. I had to explain Maria all the ingredients and the process ins Spanish. This was extremely hard for me because it was a specific vocabulary. Therefore, Maria had to help me out and correct me a lot. In the end, we sit together and eat the apple pie and repeated the vocabulary which we have learned.IMG_4454

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