#1 [Greek/German] International Dinner

Hello, I am Selina from Munich, Germany and participating at this course to learn some basics of Greek. Some people might now ask themselves – “Is she crazy? She wants to learn Greek, why?”. The answer to this question is quite simple.
In my exchange time here in Tampere I got to know some new people that I consider as some of my best friends now and they are all from Greece or speek Greek.
Everytime I talked to them, I got more and more interested in the culture, language and the country. So my friend Eva and me decided to do this course together.

For our first meeting, we wanted to start with our favourite activity – FOOD.
Everyone of us prepared some traditional food specialities, but there was one problem about Eva’s Greek part – I am vegeterian.
That’s the first thing I learned this evening, the greek cuisine doesn’t work without meat. But we could figure out some alternatives:

PITA                                                          TZATZIKI  
Potatoes                                                  Cucumber
Feta (+Oregano, Oil)                            Garlic
Chicken/Vegetarian option              Salt
Tomato                                                     Vinegar
Zuchhini                                                   Olive Oil
Paprika                                                     Yoghurt

2017-04-03 10.52.30 1

The next thing I learned is the fact, that the Greek cuisine is full of spices, especially garlic. For my personal opinion we don’t have this in my home country, but this differs a lot in the various parts of Germany.

After this, we talked about useful phrases for everydays life:

  • Hello – geia su (γεια σου)
  • Goodbye – antio (αντίο)
  • Thank you – efcharisto (ευχαριστώ)
  • Yes – nai (ναί)
  • No – ochi (όχι)
  • How are you? – Ti kaneis (τη κανείς)
    Fine, you? – kala eimai esy (καλά είμαι εσύ)


We also listened to some typical music from Greece during our meal and I have to admit that it is catchy and very different to traditional German music, that’s why we then decided to make an extra meeting for music and dance traditions.
The evening was full of gaining new personal knowledge and after this lesson I am looking forward to learn more about cultural topics. For the next session I hope to find out more about the country itself because I think there are a lot of prejudices about Greece in the German press and I want to delete those from my mind.

Although Eva already knew some vocabulary I was able to teach her some other things, she didn’t knew before.

2017-04-03 10.52.18 1
⇑ The recipe to my German dessert can be found on Eva’s Blog!

(Due to some problems, Eva and me couldn’t upload any posts, nevertheless we continued our meetings and decided to add our posts later to the blog.)

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