Session 6: Spanish tapas and Austrian Culture

Chris and I have a common love for food that is actually one of the reasons we get along so well. We have gone out to eat and buy food together more than ones. Even thought we have this common view regarding food, Chris is actually good at cooking and I am not that good. So when the object of our session became Spanish food I had to be the one cooking and Chris there to help me.

As a Spanish dish, we tried to make a Spanish omelette. For that first I had to call my family back home because even thou it seems easy I had never done one and I think that the proportions matter. This actually was a really good opportunity for Chris because I was Skyping with my mother and we were talking in Spanish so Chris could practice his listening skills. He even had a little conversation with my mother in Spanish. Ones we had all the information we needed we began to do the omelette. It was harder than I thought, the worst part was the flip over, but the omelette survived.


When the omelette was done we made some bread with olive oil and tomato and we sat down and ate it. Then the second part of our session began, while we were eating Chris began to tell me more about Austrian culture. For this part, Chris had a really good idea, a virtual city tour of Viena via Google maps. Walking around the city of Viena with Google maps Chris showed me the Schönbrunn Palace which is the biggest palace from Austria, which served as an imperial summer residence in Vienna. Also he showed me where does he live and his favorite places and restaurants. What I liked the most was the Hundertwasser House, in Barcelona there are a lot of different types of buildings but none of there can be compared as this building that Chris showed me.

It was a nice meal and I learned a lot of facts about Austria that I didn’t know before. As I have said before I really appreciate to know about different cultures and this opportunity to know about Austria I think is really helpful for my own growth in different aspects of my life.

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