5th Meeting

On a busy Friday afternoon, I met Michelle in front of Sokos. We were due to have a cup of coffee and catch up. No Moomins this time.

First off, we started to discuss about our studies. I’m graduating this December so I have a lot on my plate concerning my final thesis and future. What to do after graduation? Michelle was telling me about her next internship and the difficulty with finding a suitable company for it. Then we started comparing women’s position in our homelands. Somehow we ended up comparing the pension systems, as well.

Michelle had some Finnish homework she needed help with, and I was pleasantly surprised to notice that her Finnish hearing comprehension had gotten much better. I didn’t even need to spell words for her.

When we were scheduling our next meeting, we realized that we are running out of time with the course since Michelle is returning to Netherlands shortly. Therefore, we agreed to meet more frequently now on.

Till next time,


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