German and Chinese 4 (22/2/2017)

Today we met at Pella’s café. It’s a café with a cute cat in the window, which left a deep impression on me. Both of us like tee better than coffee. It was so nice that they gave me a student discount although I forgot to take my student card with me. Also, as you can see from the picture bellow. I got a chocolate, which also have the cute cat there.


Then, we began the class. First, we still reviewed sentences we learnt before. Maxi was so thoughtful. He gave me a helpful list of the German alphabet. In the list, it can tell me how to pronounce it in Chinese that it sounds German. I think he might be a great teacher! Then, we learnt how to speak numbers. It can be really easy for Maxi speak it in Chinese. As for me, it can be more confused. It has different pronunciation and less regular than Chinese. However, Maxi found a method for me, just like “Drei”, just like “dry” in English. In this way, I can easier to remember the pronunciation. So I could say he was a good teacher, right?

One Eins
Two Zwei
Three Drei (like English “Dry)
Four Vier (like English “Fear)
Five Fünf
Six Sechs
Seven Sieben
Eight Acht
Nine Neun
Ten Zehn
Twenty Zwanzig
Thirty Dreißig
Forty Vierzig
Fifty Fünfzig
Sixty Sechzig
Seventy Siebzig
Eighty Achzig
Ninety Neunzig
One Hundred EinHundert
1000 EinTausend

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