German and Chinese 6 (9/4/2017)

Today we had a road trip around Tampere. The weather is good. Cloudy but warm. We met in front of Pella’s café. Along the street, we saw some small booths for election. Maxi told me that we also have the power to vote! Wow, it’s amazing! Also, you can see there were some people discussed with each other in the square. And some of them might get small presents. I think that’s part of Finland. Democratic Finland! Maxi said they also can vote in German. As for my country, because of large amount of population, the representatives of people’s Congress become voting system in China.

IMG_20170409_140647               IMG_20170409_142023

Then we went to Stockmann, as you know, there are big sales these days. We ate donuts in front of Stockmann. To be honest, I seldom eat donuts in China, but I really like to try new things! It’s delicious and cute. We are lucky, the band were performing here when we arrived. They are gentle grandpa… Elegant and respectful! Some days ago, I bought some chocolates as presents to my Chinese friends. Thus, we talked about presents, travel and places of interest.

Then, we walked along some small road to Lapinkaari. We saw the beautiful lake, museum, fishing people, railway and even found some interesting things. You can see the small house, it said “five stars hotel”, and we guess it might be for birds. And another photo is the instruction of plants along the road. I’m really happy that we can talk a lot during exploring the beautiful Tampere.

IMG_20170409_150032         IMG_20170409_150407


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