Meeting 6 – 16th of April – Tacooooos

After discovering French food last week, we have decided to go to Lucia’s place to discover Mexican food and tacos in particular!


We have started the recipe with the meat with chopped onion, cooked in a pan.

During the cooking, Lucia teach me how to make a real guacamole. It’s very simple, you just have to take avocados, onions, tomatoes and lemon, green one is better, and you just have to mix everything. And the must was with this little slices of chili, it was soooo good.

We were not alone, I met the roommates of Lucia who are actually Mexican too and it was so cool to discuss with a lot of people.

I have also learned a Mexican tradition! You have to put in the guacamole the core of the avocado like this, the guacamole will be better!


After the cooking of the meat, we have warmed some tortillas. We putted the meat in the tortilla, after some guacamole and some tomatoes also.


It was sooooo good! I love the Mexican food even if it’s a little bit hard to eat ahah


I was also glad because Lucia give me a typical Mexican candy and it was funny because it ws a candy with chili inside and it was a difference between the sweet taste and the chili one.

It was a very good experience because I have learned how to cook Mexican food but I also discover others peoples who were very interesting.

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