6th meeting – polish lesson of alphabet

As most of you know, polish language is really difficult to learn and also to pronounce. We wanted to teach Elisa how to pronounce every single character. For most of the people polish sounds like rustling paper. We have a lot of vowels next to each other which is pretty hard to read. Words like:

  • cześć – hello,
  • pszczołabee,

doesn’t look easy, right?

We went through all of the alphabet and give an example of a word starting for every single character. For example,

  • A – aparat (camera)
  • B – banan (banana)
  • C – cebula (onion) etc.

We also have some typical character for Polish language like “ę, ą, ć, ń, ś, ź, ż, ó”, some of them for example “ó” we pronounce like Finnish “ö”.

We went also through Polish “To be” verb,

  • I am – Ja jestem
  • You are – Ty jesteś
  • He/She is – On/Ona jest
  • We are – My jesteśmy
  • You are – Wy jesteście
  • They are – Oni są

It was a really intensive time of study!

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