7th meeting – Finnish movie evening



We went to Elisa’s home to see Finnish movie with her and her husband. She welcomes us with lovely toasts with tuna, cheese,and pineapple and with delicious local beer from Tampere. She also prepared nice snacks to eat during movie time. She chooses for us movie named “Kauas pilvet karaka” which is translated into English “Drifting clouds”. The director of the movie is Aki Kaurismäki from Orimattila in Finland.

The movie was about the time of unemployment during 90’s when Finland has an economy depression and many companies bankrupt. I like the way they show Finnish families and culture in this movie. The dialogs between actors were so funny sometimes. We could see how Helsinki looks like long time ago and we could even compare it a bit to our home city. Can you imagine that trams in the capital of Finland were exactly the same as in our home city – Poznań?

We also recognize some Finnish sentences or some words during the movie. It was so exciting to understand what they are saying.

After the movie, we had a short discussion about our observations and differences we had had notice. We enjoyed the time there so much that we didn’t notice when it was already after midnight and we supposed to go home.

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