Easter Meeting

For our 6th Each One Teach One meeting we just met at TOAS City. Our topic was easter and we decided that everybody should bring some sweets and snacks. In the end we had homemade cookies, grapes, apples and chocolate.

First we talked about typical easter habits in our countries, such as the German easter egg hunt, the easter bonfire or the 7-churches walk in Mexico. Fernanda told us that she had to promise her Grandma that she would go to at least one church in Tampere during easter. We figured out that easter is actually quite simular in both of our countries. Of course, because we are a christian country and Mexico is katholic.

Some vocabulary that I have learned concerning to easter and food that day, are:

egg – él huevo

balls – huevos

grape – la uva

chocolate – él chocolate

easter – pascua

bunny – él conejo


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