German and Chinese 9 (24/4/2017)

Today we met at Pella’s café again. It was 5p.m. not as crowded as normal, so we chose a seat closed to the window. It was so warm that the big sun shined in our face. After a cup of tea, we began our study plan. We have already finished some basic parts, and at last we decided to talk about occupations. It has some similar pronunciations with English, such as “Dokor” and “Präsident”. So it could be easy to remember. As for the word teacher in German, Maxi said we can’t pronounce “h” in it. And because of “h”, we must speak heavy in the former. Maxi also learnt fast, although it seemed difficult for him to pronounce “Si Ji” in Chinese.

Lawyer Anwalt
Teacher Lehrer
Doctor Doktor
Salesman Verkäufer
driver Fahrer
President Präsident


After finished the occupation parts, Maxi recommended that we can talk something around business, just like some words when we need to writes e-mail during the work. Although it could be strange to speak such long words in German, it was the first time I thought I could speak like German. This feeling was great! And I can clearly remember how to say “dear” in German.

Dear Sir or Madam Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren
Best Regards Mitfreundlichen Grüßen
Dear Mr. Sehr geehrter Herr …
Dear Mrs. Sehr geehrte Frau …


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