What is typical German?!

This time, in our 5th meeting it was our turn to show Fernanda how to cook a typical German dish. We decided to make Käsespätzle and Kaiserschmarrn with Applesauce as a desert. Those are not typical for all of Germany but mainly for the South and they are well known abroad.

Because we had not the necessary kitchen instruments to make the Spätzle ourselves,  we decided to buy them ready and just to add the cheese and roasted onions. While cooking we explained Fernanda how you would express the ingredients in German. When we were ready with cooking the Käsespätzle a German friend had to come over and help us eating because it was weigh too much for the 4 of us.
As a desert we prepared Kaiserschmarrn which deeply impressed Fernanda. She told us that there is a special phrase in Mexico which expresses that desert doesn’t go to your stomach, it goes directly to you heart. Due to that we decided that we should do another Each One Teach One meeting just with deserts from Mexico and Germany.

After this meeting all of us have been happy.
Cause as we all know: Food is good!


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