Lost in Rom – What should I say?

After our cooking lessons, on  Friday the 7th April Melissa, Marta and I met at Friends and Burgers to eat some nice burgers for dinner. For this meeting we set ourselves the target to learn how to order some drinks and food at the restaurant and asking the way in the city. For example if you are lost in Berlin or Rom. Melissa and Marta prepared a sheet with all important senteces for me. At first we started with the order in a restaurant.  For example I learned:

  • Hello, I would like to order a pizza and one beer, please = Salve, vorrei ordinare una pizza e una birra, per favore.
  • Good morning, one coffee please! = Buongiorno, un caffé per favore!
  • Can I have another bottle of water please? = Potrei avere un’altra bottiglia d’acqua per favore?
  • Excuse me, could I have the bill please? = Mi scusi, potrei avere il conto per favore?

After this lesson I’m also able to ask the way if I’m lost in Rom:

  • Excuse me, I am lost. Could you please help me? = Mi scusi, mi sono persa. Potrebbe aiutarmi per favore?
  • Excuse me, could you tell me where is the bus station? = Mi scusi, potrebbe dirmi dov’è la stazione degli autobus?

And I’m able to understand if someone tells me the way:

  • left = a manca
  • right = a destra
  • You should go straight on and turn on the left, the bus station is on the right. = Si, certamente, devi andare dritto e girare a sinistra, la stazione dei bus è sulla destra

After learning these useful words and phrases, the big journey or rather holiday to italy can start.

See you next time 🙂


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