Session 8: Improve our languages skills

As our each one teach one blog comes to an end for us this was probably one of the most important classes. Because we want to test again our languages skills like in the beginning. Maria and I want to know how much have we improved during the last four month. Furthermore, we want to go home with a confident feeling that we can say: “Yes I have learned some Spanish or German!”

When I prepared myself for the class I looked at Marias goals for the course and prepared a small test for her. The test was about the introduction in German and some important German words which are good to know. The second part of the test was about the Austrian culture and dishes. This part was still mainly in English. In the first part Maria did an amazing job. I was really impressed about her improvement with her German languages skills. She was perfectly able to introduce herself in German. In the second part, she was even able to remember some German dishes. I think Maria can be satisfied about her knowledge. However, during the test, we found out that for Maria it is also important to ask for the right direction. Therefore, we will do in the next session some of this vocabulary. That when Maria is visiting Germany or Austria she can ask for the right way in German.

In the second part, we went throw all my mistakes and the vocabulary lists which I made after the fifth lesson. I must say these lists helped me a lot to improve my languages skills. We spoke about several topics during the class. For example, my day, sports and the Austrian Culture. When I think back to our previous lessons especially at the beginning I was not so confident to speak Spanish with Maria. Because we do also a lot toghether beside each one teach one. Now, I just try to speak with her in Spanish.

All the best

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