Delicious German food

This moment is coming. Today, Timm and Maxi provided the German food for us to taste. I heard about the German food are famous for the sausage and beer and I have told Timm if we have the choice. I want to taste these foods. I am happy that Timm and Maxi cooked these traditional foods by themselves. Potato salad, fried sausage and beer. As for potato, in China we usually prefer to fry the potato with other ingredients rather than boil the potato to make the salad a little expectation, were a little fear. When I saw the sour cucumber, my heart was broken, I don’t like to eat it. However, because of cream and fresh vegetable, I accepted this dish, it’s unbelievable! And the sausage were my favorite food like Chinese sausage, smooth and little salty. The beer without alcohol was the first time I have ever seen. Then we discussed about the alcohol culture between China and German. In china, I think children are allowed to buy the alcohol as long as the permission of parents, in German it’s forbidden to buy the alcohol before 18 years old, when you want to buy the alcohol, you must show your ID card to the seller. These regulation are very strict for Germany children, but I also think it’s a good method protect the health of adolescent. Finally we continued to talk about other areas about the beer.

From this time, I comprehend more knowledge about Germany and my communication skills are proving little by little.


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