German and Chinese 10 (29/4/2017)

Today we took our last course, and I will be back to China soon. I was a little bit late, because the No.2 bus changed its way suddenly. The weather wasn’t good enough, so we met before Pella’s café. I heard it was noisy in the center square, Maxi told me they were celebrating the winning of ice hockey. Then, we decided to have a look. It seemed that they were interviewing the players, lots of excited people there. Although we didn’t understand the language, we could strongly fell the atmosphere.


At last, we back to Pella’s café. I thought that might be my last time in café of Finland. So unlike normal, I decided to try the cappuccino, which had a nice heart in it. We talked about the life after we back to home countries. It was so nice to hear that Maxi could work after graduation. Because it might have great pleasure to do job that he likes. I hope that he could have a good memory in his internship period and find a good job later. In that case, I gave Maxi a Chinese knot, which bring my best wishes to him. Also, we exchanged our e-mail to each other.

IMG_20170429_211950        IMG_20170429_215605

All in all, I felt so lucky to choose this course and have such a friend there. Although the weather was cold, friendship would be warm forever.

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