#10thMeeting (28.04.2017) Last Meeting

It´s almost may and we meet for our last meeting because one of use will leave Finland soon. We meet in the City centre and we walk across the river through the harbour. It was a sunny day so we fell free to go with sunglasses and an open jacket. We have watched everything and spoke the time in Finland and about our Each one Teach one time. It was very nice and this time we spoke only a few words in the other language. We enjoyed the time and sit on a bench into the sun. At the way back we agreed that we walk back to Lapinkari so we can meet a bit longer. Overall, we spoke about everything what we want to do at the first days in our home country. All the things we missed here for example our friends, food, family this is a thing this is similar from each exchange student. Back in Lapinkari Feng write down some last words on my Finland flag to have a memory from him and after that, we take one´s leave of each other.

We use mostly English but we try to speak also the language we want to learn and we have already learned. The most difficult is for Feng the letter R and the combination from ch and sch. However, you try it very well, you can do it, please look forward, and you can do it. It was a great time with you and I hope that we will see use later in our live somewhere in the world.P1110139

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