#6thMeeting (23.03.2017) GYM for playing Ping-Pong

After the lunch at 14:00 we meet in front of the TAMK GYM for doing some sports together. We enter the gym and for playing the typical Chinese game ping-pong or table tennis. At first, we played the first round as a normal game. At the break, Feng avowed me the correct handling of the racket. The following part was a game three breaks until 22 points. However, the handling was much better and I think I played a bit better than before nerveless I lost the first tournament, the second was very good and I´ve won this but at the final match I´ve lost high. We changed the sites and we done a replay, but I have lost again but against a man from China, it is not a big shame.

After 1,5 hours at the gym we decided to go in the city. We visit the big Charity shops and we discussed and described the different thing, clothes and stuff in English, German and Chinese.

Jacked Jacke Jiékè 杰克
Shirt T-shirt Chènshān 衬衫
Shoes Schuhe Xiézi 鞋子
Pullover Pullover Lā guòlái 拉过来
trousers Hose Cháng kù 长裤
Glass Glas Bōlí 玻璃
Plate Teller Pánzi 盘子
bag Tasche Dài

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