#8thMeeting (21.04.2017) German cuisine in Pinja

As a counter draw to the 17.02. Maxi and me decided to coke a typical German dinner. Normally in April every German citizen done his first barbecue. So we booth went to Lidl because this is the place where we get typical German Rostbratwurst (Sausages). Furthermore, we bought all ingredient for a German potato salad. The next step was to find a tasty German beer without alcohol. Therefore, we decided to search in SOKOS and we find it real Erdinger Alkoholfrei.

The preparation of the German potato salad (Saxony kind)

potato Karoffeln Tǔdòu 土豆
Acid cucumber Saure Gurken Huángguā 黄瓜
apple Apfel Píngguǒ 苹果
onion Zwiebel Yángcōng 洋葱
Cremé fresh Cremé fresh    


Place the potatoes (1kg) into a pot, and fill with enough water to cover. Bring to a boil, and cook for about 10 minutes so you can easily pierced with a fork. Drain, and set aside to cool, could be more than 1 hour).

Peel all the potatoes, slide them into slices or cubes and give it into a big bowl.

Slide the onion, ½ apple and the acid cucumber and add it into the bowl. Add the Cremé fresh, vinegar, water of the acid cucumber, sugar, salt and pepper to the bowl. Now the salad needs some time for the taste, so put it into the fridge and after 20min you can eat it.

Beside do the sausages into a pen or a barbecue grill until they look brown and tasty. You can also put some bread on the grill or into the oven to get a great dinner. Feng and JieWP_20170421_004 Guo meet us in Pinja and they watch after our cooking skills. After a couple of minutes, we are sitting next to each other and enjoy the German cuisine and the German beer. As a side dish we had some Sushi from Feng this was also very tasty. So we enjoyed our food and we had a nice conversation this evening. After 1,5 hour we cleaned up and we finished the meeting for today.

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