Vapriikki museum

Yesterday was a very cool meeting with Nuppu, Goodwill and Nuppu’s boyfriend : Mikko. He join us because i would to see also the vapriikki museum.








At the beginning we plan to do a walk but goodwill was sick and its was windy so we change de plan and Nuppu propose us to go to the Vapriikki museum.

It’s was the first museum for Goodwill !!! I really enjoy to spend time in the museum with Nuppu, Goodwill and Mikko because the museum was very good and interractive and also because we exchange informations and your knowledge about many subjects with each other, particulary Mikko and Nuppu that explain us some facts about Finnish culture.

The museum was divided in many smaller parts about Finnish video games, annimals, history, second world war, posti, forbiden city, hockey….. so many expositions.

First, with begin to see the exposition about the forbidden city at beijing. I was there during my first semester so i talk to Nuppu and Mikko my impression to see this exposition and how 18235750_1953962938166120_2029056550_oit’s there. Then, we went to the Posti exposition and Nuppu explain us that this year its the 100 celebration of the independance for Finland of liberation against Russia, so its for that, that we can see on the stamp “100”. We took also a letter in a postalbox written by some previous customers and its was funny because each letter tolk about something different.

Of course Nuppu and Mikko did the translators. After that we went to the museum of Finnish games, Mikko explain us the most popular Finnish games of Finland. And i learn that clash of clan and angry birds are Finnish. We try also the simulation of 4D and some others games.  18195774_1953641894864891_487617265_oA very interrested museum was also the hockey museum because Mikko like hockey (Nuppu not but she come to please us) Mikko show us the most oldest cross, and explain us the different teams and shields in Finland and also the National one. I was impressed by the oldest Finnish helmets and the goal protection very big. We played hockey simulation, Nuppu impressed me she was very good and always touch the target but for me it’s was a little bit more difficult. And before to leave we look a big panel which all the hockey players and we find Mikko’s uncle that played in the team of helsinki in 90’s. Finally, we went to the museum of Finnish annimals there were a moose “vauhti” in Finnish, and a bear “kantaa” in Finnish. Mikko explained to Goodwill and me what is the more go18236055_1953641904864890_966071810_ood fish in Finland, his name is “Ahven” its a national fish like the Laulujoutsen its the national bird in Finland.

So i promise to him to eat “Ahven” before to live Finland. To Finish the round, we went to the second world war museum Mikko told us that he did army during 13 mounths because it’s mandatory in Finland (I doesn’t know that) and he show us his shield.

I enjoy very much this meeting ! Because make this museum with Goodwill, Nuppu and Mikko was very fun and interractive. And its was very interrested that Finnish people went with them and exchange what they know about their culture its more interresting. Finally, we meet Nuppu’s boyfriend also during this meeting so its was a pleasure to meet him ! 🙂


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