7 Meeting

Seven meeting was  in my home. During this meeting, we, like always make quick replay and take new topic “Kitchen”, us its one of the important field when you need to know in your daily life. I present some of words that sound very similar but have a different meaning. Leila is very good in learning and catches very fast watts going on. I showed and pronouns in different situations worlds with hard letters to pronouns and understand what is what: ч, цhttp://www.russianforeveryone.com/RufeA/Lessons/Introduction/Alphabet/Alphabet.htm, ж, ш, щ, ы, и. We took short grammar issue about Unpaired hard and soft consonants.

Ж Жук  the like s in pleasure

З Замок ze like z i zoo

Й Йогурт ee kratkoye (short i) like y in boy

И Икра ee like ee in meet

Ы  ih like i in ill

С Стул es like s in sun

Ц Цифри tse like ts in boots

Ч Чашка che like ch in chat

Ш Шапка  sha like sh in short

Щ Щётка shcha like sh_ch in fresh_cheese


  • Гостиничный менеджмент  Hospitality management
  •  Гостеприимность       Hospitality
  • Гостиница          Hotel
  • Тарелка  Plate
  • Миска  Deep plate
  • Чашка  Cup
  • Ложка: чайная, столовая Spoon: tea sp., table sp.,
  • Маленькая  Little
  • Большая Big
  • Вилка Fork
  • Нож Knife
  • Палочки Chopstick
  • Стакан Glass
  • Сковорода Frying pan
  • Чайник  Teapot
  • Cтол Table
  • Cтул        Chair
  • Oкно       Window
  • Дверь      Door
  • Потолок             Roof
  • Пол          Floor
  • Стены (1 стена)            Wall

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