Meeting #8: Family

So last Friday we gather at TAMK´s library to talk a little bit about the family, We did some vocabulary and i taught Marie some of our costumes and what we normally do. Marie did the same for me and this is what i learned:

Speaking about French family is very complicated because she told me they don’t have a real stereotype about French family. They have small family; the average is usually the parents and 2 kids. A lot of French family have pets, golden fish, cat, dog, guinea pig, rabbit etc.

A lot of French people are Christian, so the Sunday is a very important day. All the Christian go to the church this day. It’s also the day at the end of the week-end, that why they are always making family lunch or dinner Sunday. During the famous holidays and days off (that we will talk about in our next meeting), they always call their family or visit them.

However, she also told me, the French are very independent, so they can go and visit them as well as don’t go at all, they don’t have any obligation and can live many weeks without visit them.

Compare to us, Mexicans, their flag and others things as the Marianne, la Marseillaise (national anthem) or the sentence “Liberté, égalité, fraternité” are not sacred. They are of great importance to them but are not sacred. For example, when we are drunk, all the students sing la Marseillaise.

Here is some of the family vocabulary we learned and translated:

          ENGLISH                                             FRENCH                                     SPANISH

  • Family                                                Famille                                        Familia
  • mother                                                mère                                            madre
  • father                                                   père                                             padre
  • sister                                                    soeur                                         hermana
  • brother                                                frère                                          hermano
  • aunt                                                     tante                                                tía
  • uncle                                                   ancle                                                tío
  • grandmother                              grandmère                                     abuela
  • grandfather                                  grandpère                                     abuelo
  • cousin                                               cousin(e)                                 primo/prima
  • wife                                              femme/epouse                          mujer/esposa
  • husband                                      espoux/mari                            esposo/marido
  • Mother-in-law                              bellemère                                     suegra
  • father-in-law                                bellepère                                       suegro
  • step-sister/brother                   demi-frère                          medio hermano(a)

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