4th meeting with mi amigo

04/05/2017                         4th Meeting, Nicolai And Gareth, Useful everyday sentences


As stated above, today we wanted to focus on different sentences that would be useful in the every day. It was fairly easy to quickly think of a few words and sentences that I used in Denmark and Gareth quickly catched on.

As always pronunciation wasn’t much of a problem for neither me nor Gareth and I am pretty sure that we will be using these a lot, as I already know I have a few things I learned that I keep using over and over.


Danish                                                                  English                                                                  Spanish

Ikke noget                                                           Nothing                                                                Nada

Lige præcis                                                          Exactly                                                               Exactamente

Det ved jeg ikke                                                I don’t know                                                       Yo no se

Hvad er der?                                                      What’s wrong?                                                  Que te pasa?

Det ligemeget                                                    It doesn’t matter                                              No importa

Vi kan snakke senere                                     We can talk later                          Podemos hablar luego

Hvad hedder du?                                             What’s your name?                                   Como te llamas

Er du ok?                                                             Are you ok?                                                        Estas bien?

Hvad laver du?                                                  What are you doing?                     Que estas haciendo?

I think all these will be useful to Gareth to use whenever he will travel back to Denmark as they are very commonly used in the everyday language.



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