Final Meeting #10

This last time we decided to go to Telakka. This is an interesting restaurant near Tullintori-mall. Elisa told us that there will be a concert of folk Finnish music. At the beginning, we had sad talk about that in short time we are leaving Finland and Tampere, but then the music starts playing and everyone had a better mood. It was really specific music but nice to hear like a background to talking. Because this is my last post I wanted to include my thoughts here after each one teach one course. I am really happy that we decided to participate in this course. Also I am really happy that Elisa was our person because it was a pleasure to meet her and her family. We focused more on cultural side of living in our country not so strict on language. Spending time together was our target and talk which each other.



It was a very good time, and I sincerely recommend this course to all exchange students!

Näkemiin Suomi ! ! !

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