#2 French cities and foods by Guillaume

4.2 Sat, 12:00-17:00 French cities and foods by Guillaume


Guillaume prepared super good PPT to explain us French culture related to the cities and the foods. I hadn’t heard that France has many territories which are not directly attached to the mainland. Furthermore, I didn’t know that France has lots of province and beautiful places that I should visit. I thought Paris is the city that even one week is short to visit all of great places but other city also looked gorgeous especially French names were so hard to remember for me I had to write something during the class.

2 3 41 first two – Picardie, left bottom – Nice (Cannes), right bottom – Normandie

I was fascinated in Picardie, Nice and Normandie. I saw many pictures of Picardie’s lavender fields on the Facebook and that place was really spectacular. I really wanted to be in the middle of the field. Nice must be the second most famous place following Paris in my opinion. It has incredibly beautiful sceneries all over, especially emerald-colored sea. And there is Mont Saint Michel in Normandie and if I visit there and get a good timing, I could see the road across the sea to there. It has limited time to enter because the way to there disappears during rising tide.

Needless to say French food, they were all great and I love that France have plenty of fancy dessert which can be tasted easily to everyone. All the video Guillaume showed us were good to see and feel the real France. We all really thanked the effort of him.

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