5th Meeting, traditions

For our 5th meeting, Gareth and I have been looking into the different traditions in each of our respective countries and I tried to take a look at some of the funny traditions in Denmark.

For me, Spain still seems like a very religious country just like many others and sometimes coming from Denmark where many aren’t religious anymore, that can be feel a bit weird. With that said it does indeed look very pretty and I would be very interested in the Spanish tradition on June 21st.

In Denmark we have this tradition (mostly on Jutland as far as I know), where on your 25th birthday, if you are not married you will have cinnamon poured all over you (you’re only in your underwear) and often tied to a pole.

Again when you turn 30, you and are still unmarried you will have tons of black pepper poured all over your body. The origin of both traditions is rather unclear, but they make for some hilarious photos and moments.

Gareth seemed to find it rather amusing and would want to participate!

P.s. As you can see, some really take it to the next level ( though with clothes on)

Danes also love their Christmas and my hometown in particular, was rather fond of Christmas and Elf’s and are therefore called Elf town. This seems to be something I haven’t seen as much other places and there would be Elf’s all over town.


Gareth was already starting to love Denmark more, but I am sure he started to enjoy it EVEN MORE after introducing him to these funny traditions!

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