First Meeting, Nice to Meet!

Nice to meet!
time & place:
25th January & cafe near y-campus in TAMK


After the orientation of each-one-teach-one, we gathered together in the cafe near y-campus in TAMK. Say briefly, it was a pleasure to meet our members! Daye is my close friend so it’glad to be the same group as her. And Guillaume is a nice guy and I already like him very much! He’s from France and studying Interntional Business. After introduction, we slightly talked about our plans and he said he will prepare presentations about 20pages for the first meeting class. I was surprised because I didn’t think this class would be that hard, but respecting his opinion, Daye and I decided to prepare as hard as we can for him also. He also said he is very interested in Asia, especially in Japan and Korea because he likes animations and games. Korea has the best game players and Japan is famous for their great animations.  He also mentioned about his friend who is living in Korea as an exchange student, in ‘Daegu’ which is one of big province in Korea, of five provinces. Daye’s hometown is also ‘Daegu’, so we talked about the city a bit, like this province is famous for it’s temperature, usually it is the hottest city in summer of Korea. Then Guillaum taught us some words, “Il fait froid” which means “It’s cold”, as I asked about it (the weather was too cold!). However, it was really difficult to pronounce as French people pronounce ‘r’ differently. It’s more strong and pronounces like hard ‘h’ rather than ‘r’ so whenever I tried to pronounce, it was funny and too harsh. Anyway, we made a grouptalk on Facebook and WhatsApp, then invited Hyunsue, who is our new group member. She is from South Korea also, and we three go to the same home Universitiy. However, we haven’t met before coming here, so it would be my pleasure to know about her as well as know about Guillaume. I’m really excited about this class, thus not only learning about French cultures, but also I want to be their real friends, so I will put a lot of effort to this class! See you soon guys 🙂

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