Vappu Day


Today we met all together on the Keskustori with some more friends to celebrate the first of Mai. After a lot of studying the last days we could finally celebrate toIMG_3926gether. The weather was more then beautiful and we were ready for a good meeting and seeing new traditions.

We watched the dunking from the TUT students in to the river. A crazy Tradition!! After that we sat down together for our picnic, we all brought some small stuff to eat with us. Fernanda told us that in Mexico there is nor real tradition but after the Exams there are some special parties on the beach where all the students are partying for several days. And the are beaches crowded with all the students. In Germany we also have nothing to compare like this dunking or these hats that all the Finns have from their graduation. We only get hats that we throw then into the air.


IMG_4022Our Vocabulary topic for the day was everything we saw around us. From sun, students, river and more over to all the snacks we brought with us.

We had a lot of fun seeing the hole ceremony and all the enthusiastic Finns around us.

It is cool how we can combine a learning lesson with this activity. We spend the hole afternoon and evening together talking, teaching and having fun on this special Vappu day!!

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