Nicolai and I thought it would be a great idea to have our 5th meeting about traditions/holidays in Spain/Denmark. We had initially planned on going to Friends and Brgrs for this meeting, but decided that it was in our best interest and comfort to do it at my place.

The Danish traditions that Nicolai talked to me about was that if youre 25 and unmarried, you get cinnamon sprayed all over you! To make it even more outrageous, if you turn 30 and you remain unmarried, well instead of cinnamon, they use pepper! I had never heard of something like this, but seems like they may be a little social pressure to get married in Denmark.

As for Spain, I showed Nicolai some very strong Spanish traditions. One of them is the “Procesiones” during Easter. Where the whole of Spain takes to the streets and march along them for hours and kilometres on end, with huge religious statues and carriages. There is also a marching band specially for this occasion that follows the march. It is normal to hear the band from even kilometres away as the instruments they play are usually composed of drums, trumpets, etc. Interestingly, the participants must wear a type of religious uniform that you will see in the picture below. There is a similar occasion during the Three Kings on the 7th of January, but during this tradition, they throw sweets to the crowds.l,m,m2ndpic

Additionally, I educated Nicolai on one of our other fantastic Spanish tradition – “San Juan”3rd pic

I don’t particularly know the background behind this tradition, but it occurs on the 21st of June. Everyone gathers at a beach and starts a bonfire. I understand that by just simply reading it, it doesn’t seem like an experience, that is why I will post a picture underneath. People of all ages participate in San Juan, it is not solely for youngsters or elders. The crazy thing about this is that it is the day where the hospitals and police are most busy as many people decide to jump over the fire naked, resulting in horrendous burns. Large amounts of alcohol and food are also brought to the beach as people are usually there for 12-24 hours. Barbeques are there and also tents/sleeping bags. I have only done it twice out of the 18 years I lived there, but those to times were fantastic and if anyone in Spain is there during the time, I highly recommend they experience it.

In this photo, you can truly see how big this tradition is as bonfires and people extend as far as the eye can see.

This is what I meant by people jumping over the fires, which often result in horrific burns.4th pic

Overall, Nicolai seemed to be deeply interested in these two traditions. I want him to come to Spain during summer one time when I am there, so we can experience these traditions together and more!

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