Let’s do it again! Movie time.

IMG_4744This meeting we traditionally start from repeating vocabulary mostly food part. That time was more cultural. We were talking about tea Russian and Finish traditions and known lullabies one of them its “Spiyat ustalye igrushki”. This song comes from children show that was showed on TV before children went to sleep. I translate for Leila, what lyric means. Also, we watch movie song “Black Cat” again, for remaining information’s from previous lessons. The most interesting were conversation about tea and tea positions in Russian culture. Tea was made a significant element of cultural life by the literati of the Karamzinian circle. By the mid-19th century tea had won over the town class, the merchants and the petty bourgeoisie https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_tea_culture.
We watch some interesting movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0miY5E4b24  present deep connections Russians people with tea. In the movie, we saw a special pot for making traditional Russian tea “Samovar”. In general, the best way to make a perfect tea use pine cones. Tea making outside, somewhere on the beautiful landscape in connection with nature have the best taste. Jam or honey and another sweets  is the greatest companions for a cup of tea. Way to drink tea could be different, but jam and honey they eat, not put incite the cup of tea. They take bit of jam on the spoon, after, sip of tea and  continue jam, tea, jam, tea…)) Drinking tea is also about conversation.  Time ago it was nice occasions to collect family together, spend good time with each other.
Have a good evening and tasty tea.

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